Sentini Group

Sentini ComTrade is a supplier of various kinds of food-grains, agricultural by-products, and other commodities for large industries in India.

As one of the youngest companies in the group, Sentini Comtrade was founded in 2021 as a result of the vertical integration of businesses. The company’s focus is on trading various kinds of food grain products, by-products, and several other commodities which are being used in different industrial, agri-processing and animal feed sectors.

Sentini ComTrade provides procurement solutions to industrial customers for both raw commodities as well as finished materials. By fulfilling its duty to deliver what clients need, Sentini ComTrade has demonstrated impressive growth within its first year. In addition to the financial growth, the trust that it has built in such a short span is an achievement in itself. In the coming years, Sentini ComTrade promises to make an impact on several other commodities and provide optimal solutions for businesses.


  • Provides fully integrated procurement solutions including logistics and warehousing
  • In its first year since establishment, the business handled a record 1,50,000 MT of commodities
  • Major lines of business includes food grains such as maize, rice and millets as well as agricultural by-products such as DDGS and other protein supplements
  • Preferred supplier to large animal feed companies as well as distilleries
Sentini Group