Sentini Group

Sentini Cermica, a joint venture between the Sentini Group and H&R Johnson, is a major producer of ceramic tiles in India.

The group's flagship company, Sentini Cermica, was launched in 2002 at Chigurukota in the Krishna region of Andhra Pradesh, India and Became fully operational in 2003.

The plant produces digital ceramic floor tiles, giving homes, offices, and commercial spaces a whole new look. A wide range of tiles is available in 60*60 cm, 40*40 cm, and 30*30 cm, making Sentini Cermica the right fit for every space. Sentini Cermica has recently expanded its product range to include Glazed Floor Polished Tiles, where the tile surface can be finished to imitate natural stones in great detail.

The Sentini Group and H&R Johnson (India), a division of Prism Cements Ltd., joined forces to co-promote this unit. With this collaboration, Sentini Cermica has been able to deliver quality tiles around the world through a widespread dealership network.


  • Tiles are available in the following sizes: 60*60 cm, 40*40 cm, and 30*30 cm
  • High-quality European manufacturing technology is employed
  • The unit is permitted to produce 30000 Sq. Mts. of ceramic tiles or polished glazed tiles per day
  • Along with adhering to ISO 14001 environmental requirements, strict quality control procedures follow ISO 9001:2000 standards
  • The tiles are vibrant and come in a range of designs, making them the right fit for every home, office or store
Sentini Group