Sentini Group

Siri Tecon specializes in heavy vehicle manufacturing for firefighting, industrial and public transit use.

Since Siri Tecon started operating in March 2000, it has solidified its position as an industry leader and a top-choice provider of engineering and fabrication services to fire departments, transportation agencies, and significant public sector companies.

Siri Tecon has been consistent with its business expansion resulting from polishing our skills and capabilities over the years. In the past twenty years, Siri Tecon has developed its skills in the manufacture of specialty vehicles, vacuum component pump engineering, fire fittings, and industrial and public vehicles.

For the supply of defense vehicles, Siri Tecon enjoys the illustrious distinction of being among the chosen few to obtain the Ministry of Defense, Government of India, DGQA accreditation. Our clients include numerous Indian states, Provincial Government Road Transportation Agencies, Automobile Corporates and Municipal Corporation Fire Services Departments.


  • Received DGQA accreditation from the Ministry of Defense, Government of India
  • Preferred supplier in the majority of Indian States as well as at multiple public sector coal fields and nuclear power plants
  • Fabrication unit located in Bollaram Industrial Area, Hyderabad, Telangana
Sentini Group